Emily Ussher

I am just another Irish/Venezuelan Product/UX/UI designer and self-appointed explorer designing her way through life with a user centered state of mind.
I am currently looking for placement, get in touch if you would like to hire me.

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My work

Here are some of my most recent projects. Taking a human centered approach when designing is one of my passions, along with creating great illustrations, captivating content, taking a simplistic approach to my problem solving designs and staying User-focused to ensure it is accessible for all.

The card images have fit set to cover, so they fill their masking container without stretching. Try making the “Cards Image Mask” a circle using border-radius or adjusting the size ratio using top padding. Don’t forget to set an alt description for each image, which will help with accessibility.

                App design

Prototyping - UX - UI - User research - Brain storming

Three Sixteen is my take on a bible travel app that takes its users in an interactive travel through biblical times whilst teaching them. It grows with the user as their knowledge and age progresses.

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Prototyping - UX - UI - User research - Branding - Web design - Wireframing

This is my brief detailing how I created my brand and explored how I wanted to present myself as a designer. I included my monogram, wordmark, visual marque, brand guidelines and copious amounts of research.

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